Top 3 Mistakes Beginner DJs Make

Read This Before You Start To Learn How To DJ or Buy DJ Equipment


Firstly, welcome to the crazy world of DJing. It can feel overwhelming at times. We are here to help.

When people start to DJ, they often have to figure these things out the long way, so let us save you some time.

Starting on the wrong foot | DJ Mixing and Production Software

When new DJs start their journey down the rabbit hole, the smart route seems to first test the waters by testing out some demo DJ software. The question is where to start.

The Line Between DJ and Producer has blurred, with the majority of famous DJs, also creating their original music instead of only playing other people's records. There is a different skillset that you need to produce music, so if you do want to start to DJ. It is best to start with some DJ Mixing Software.

We recommend getting your feet wet with one of the three application below that lets you mix on your computer without any additional equipment.

  1. - Web-based DJ app

  2. Serato Lite - Lite Version of Industry Standard DJ Mixing Software

  3. Djay App

Production software like Abelton and Logic-Pro is different from DJ Mixing Software. Production / DAW ( Digital Audio Workstation) software is a platform to craft and record music. DJ's do use production software for different purposes, but it may confuse you and throw you off.

Starting with DJ Mixing Software will help you not to get overwhelmed too early. Then you can move on to production software later when you decide to start creating music and bootleg mixes.

After some experimentation, you can decide what kind of DJ you want to become. Then invest in the appropriate DJ equipment to compliment the Software you choose to use.

Jack of all trades, master of none.

Trying to understand and master all the skills and techniques at the same time will get you nowhere fast.

Learning to DJ is exciting, and there is so much information to absorb. The real trick is the application of that knowledge.

When you learn the first few essential skills, such as how to CUE and how to beatmatch. Practice these techniques to near death.

Focus on 1-3 simple transitions and use a small playlist of songs, mixing between them in different sections, with a focus on the timing and balancing the audio levels.

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Starting with 10,000 songs

You might be surprised when I tell you how many songs you need to begin to DJ are you ready…2

In all seriousness. It is much better to start with a small number of songs and build your collection.

20 is the perfect number to start with to create your first crate. 20-50 songs per folder will equal roughly 20-30 minutes of a musical set.

Some advantages of starting small are:

  1. Find and organise music easily, no need to wade through thousands of unorganized files to find the perfect tune

  2. Set CUE points on all your songs before you mix to have the downbeat and hot cues prepared for live mixing

  3. Get more intimate with your songs, allowing you to know the different drops, choruses, and phrases

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What Now?

What are you waiting for, its time to go practice.

If you need some help getting started, we have a free guide that you can check out here

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