Spotify Bans DJing

The Popular streaming service is cutting all support from DJ Technology

Spotify ending all 3rd Party DJ Integrations for now.

The Popular Streaming Service Platform will revoke its licensing agreement with the Algoriddim APP, djay.

Assuming the lawyers at Spotify are battling the age-old debate of copyright.

© Music Copyright

Jimmy is DJing to a crowd of people, he is making $100 for a half-hour set at Candy’s Bar.

If Jimmy plays “Hey Ya” by Outcast, the artists that created the song are not being paid.

Even though Outcast Produced the music, they will not receive anything from Jimmy or the Candy’s Club.

Usually, Copyright only becomes a problem when someone is making money using art that they did not create, without any agreement from the original creator.

Copyright law is different depending on how each country enforces the Copyright Laws.

Ever since the companies inception, Spotify has struggled with licensing agreements in an attempt to ensure artists' compensation.

What Can We Do?

We recommend an option is to use Soundcloud and Tidal Streaming services.

We do not recommend using the illegal option of using software that will playback the song on your computer and then record the playback. (This is illegal, but you will only be sued if you make money)

This is the time we need Spotify to step up so let's tell them what we think about #spotifydj


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