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How To Support Your Favorite Artists - Where Do DJs Get Music

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Do DJs Buy Music?

The questions of where to get music has been a hot topic since the beginning of sheet music. Radio stations would have to wait for weeks for the Musical Notated Paper to arrive by boat, and only then could they have a chance at hearing this new music, even though they had to play and interpret it themselves.

Fast forward to today to realize that there are now too many places to find music, leading people to become discouraged.

Many people still choose to download music illegally, making it challenging for musicians to get by on record sales alone.

Decisions to cancel events, close clubs and stop concerts mean that the money for musicians has dried up. It is challenging times, and we need to look at how we can support artists who now have no work due to the Corona Virus.

Supporting Artists | June 5, and July 3

Music Digital Distribution System Bandcamp has announced that it will not charge artists for sales made on the above dates. All proceeds from merchandise and record sales will go directly to artists.

Not only has this been a marketing stroke of genius, but it has also lead many people to realize the importance of supporting artists and the industry.

If the bands, producers, and artists who you love are not making money, it becomes difficult to produce more art and sustain their music.

Rethinking The Music Industry

Great artists don’t make music just to make money, but in the modern age, they do need it to survive and thrive.

The worldwide web made us rethink how digital products are shared and distributed.

People were asking themselves, “ Why would I pay for this if I can get it for free.”

Support Art or Watch it Die

Professional DJs know that when they buy music from Distribution Platforms and Record Pools, that the quality of the music will be better sounding.

When you are playing music loud and in front of an audience, the last thing you want is to play a song that stands out like a sore thumb and can potentially damage a sound system.

In the end, it is your morals that will guide you, but even if you do not buy music, think about different ways that you can support your favorite artists during this time when they are mostly out of work and likely struggling mentally.

Who Picks up the Microphone After it Drops?

What are some other ways you can support your favorite musicians and artists? Are you going to donate directly? Some artists have started to teach, while others are going live on streaming platforms to help you keep your spirits high.

You might just reach out to them directly and ask how you can help support them.

If you can, consider ways to financially support the artists who help bring joy to your life. If you have some creative ways or ideas to help people, please comment below.


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