New DJ Technology

Instant Stems? How to get the Vocals or Instrumental Only Version of Any song.


Technology has always played a pivotal role in DJs.

And now, thanks to AI (Artificial Intelligence), DJ technology has taken a massive leap forward.

DJ Technology Evolution

DJs were wondering for a long time what would be the next innovation, but few could anticipate the change that has just happened.

DJs can now easily break a song down into musical pieces. DJs can now split songs into vocal stems in real-time.

Musicians create stems separately when creating songs. The producer will isolate a section of the music and save several tracks to a new file, e.g. drum stem, vocal stem, instrumental stem.

The artists end up with multiple versions of the song that others can use to mix and master the music. The stem would often be shared with a DJ to produce an official remix.

Previously, you would need to reach out to the music owner directly to ask for the stems.

Now there is no need to have the vocal stems or instruments stems because, with the help of AI, we can separate the music in real-time.

So what does this mean?

DJs can now have ultimate control over the individual soundscape.

Instead of taking out musical frequencies, like the Hi, Mid, and Lo, we now how a completely new tool-set to re-produce recorded music.

Imagine if you could take out the drums and the other instruments and fade them out to have the vocals only.

This new technology allows you to have an instant acapella or isolate only the drum pattern.

Both VirtualDJ and DJAY App release the technology on their DJ software, and all DJs seem to be blown away by this new feature.

You can try it out on VirtualDJ here

So are you excited? How would you use this new feature set?