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Creating Music Vs Consuming Music


We sat down on a virtual chat with Matt Tinkler AKA Martiln, Australian Music Producer and Beat Creator, to understand what it's like to live the life of a Music Producer in the Modern Age.

Why Produce Music?

Thanks to advances in computer technology, all of us now have the power of large-format recording studios.

All you need is a laptop and a soundcard to have a music studio in your home today.

Of course, there will always be a place for music studios and recording engineers, but having production and recording capability in a box creates exciting possibilities.

Here are some of the key takeaways I got from the interview. You can see the full version below.

1. Skin in the Game

Having to put down some money or equivalent.

I like how Matt's Dad made him partially pay for his first keyboard. The concept of having some skin in the game buy putting money or time on the line is one way to ensure progression and success. If everything is free and easy, then it's easy to give up, but if you have sunk a bit of money, you will try to squeeze the value out.

2. Starting with Loops and Samples

The way Martiln first learned his way around a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) for making music, he mapping loops to a physical device and triggering the loops to make music. Sampling is fun and rewarding because you won't have to design all the sound.

3. Being Open to Different Styles of Music to Find Your Style

I could never get around Metal Music but have always appreciated the skills that it takes to create metal music. When Martiln mentioned the similarities of Dubstep and Metal, the concept resonated with me.

There is a similar emotionally raw value of the two styles of music. Being open to different styles of music and experimenting can lead to beautiful discoveries. It reminded me of the fact that Skrillex started as a metal guitarist/singer before he went into producing EDM (Electronic Dance Music).

4. Formal Music Training?

Matt went to study music for his tertiary education at AIM (Australian Institute of Music). The formal study allowed him to explore some more experimental and technical elements of sound and producing music, while also imposing deadlines to submit his music.

Martiln started as a Piano player, but do you need to know how to play an instrument if you want to produce music?

It certainly helps to have an understanding of music, but in the modern-day, making music is similar to playing a game. I like to think of it as learning to program. There is a logic involved that is similar to coding.

The only prerequisite is the love for music and the willingness to commit to putting in the time to practice and create.

5. Finish / Release Tracks

Finishing art is an oxymoron. You don't have to finish the music. It just needs to be done.

One of the most challenging parts of creating art is knowing when to consider it finished. So rather than finishing something, it is better to have deadlines.

Setting challenges and deadlines will force you to publish more music, and when you release music in the world, you can get feedback and grow at a much quicker pace.

The Ultimate Creative Side hustle

The reality is that making music alone will not pay the bills initially. Most producers will have multiple streams of income. Treating your music career like is a business, and marketing correctly has also become key to success.

You can make the best music, but if no-one listens to it, does it exist?

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